About Indy Blitz - Web Design & Web Marketing

About Indy Blitz - Web Design & Web Marketing

About Indy Blitz

Indy Blitz is a marketing company that also does top-notch web design.  After all, without marketing the website its self is simply just a digital business card.  We are 50% web design and 50% marketing in our approach as we understand there is a balance to be struck between design and conversion.  More than anything our focus every day is to ensure that our client gets exactly what they asked for, which most often is a website that creates leads or sales, if that is your goal, contact us today and we will steer you in the right direction!

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Who Runs This Place?


Indy Blitz was founded and is run by Nick (pictured here with his wife Ashley).  Nick has over a decade of marketing experience and also runs a separate digital marketing agency and consultancy with locations in San Diego and Indianapolis.  

An Indianapolis native, Nick graduated from Franklin Central High School...not to be confused with Franklin, Indiana!  He feels that communication is the true key to a successful project and while he feels that his and his team's abilities are top-notch it's the focus on communication and transparency that has allowed him to build his business over the years....and that won't change any time soon!

We look at the full picture to decide what is going to best move our clients toward the results that initially set out to achieve. We don't let the train jump off the tracks, rather we make sure it stays the course so that our clients can get the long term results that they seek.

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Our Skills & Expertise

We have said it until we are blue in the face, a website is only worth the monetary value it brings to the business.  If you have a great looking website that generates no leads or sales, it is ultimately just a digital business card.  Let us help you monetize the digital assets you have created and make your website an employee of your business!

Ready to Get Started with Indy Blitz?

The first step is always the hardest, but let us make it easy for you.  You won't find pushy salespeople, or large corporate scripts when you contact us.  Rather you will find people that love what they do and want to put that passion to work for you.  If you are in need of web design or web marketing, contact us today.  You will not regret it!